some of my personal projects over the years

2018 - 2020   The 5 Year Journey | San Francisco

Non-fiction narrative of an Afghan refugee 's tremendous journey to the U.S., conducted through >30 hours of recorded interviews

Copyright 2018: Molly Liu 

The Third Gender is a film and narrative journalism project set in Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan. I spent weeks with the trans community there to conduct interviews and film their activism in a rapidly changing society. 

Copyright 2017: Molly Liu 

The Model School Project is based in Kushadevi village, where we work to provide better public school education to children in rural communities.

Copyright 2015: Molly Liu

Labor policy research conducted in Doha, Qatar and Kathmandu, Nepal, comparing overseas labor laws in Nepal and the Philippines and analyzing migrant labor implications for each country.

Copyright 2015: Molly Liu

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